Dr.Pen derma pen micro needle roller

- Dr.pen can use /9/12/36 /42needles cartridge/attachment(same price), we will send by default with 52-needles cartridge if customer has no special remark.

(Information above are included on User maual)

Dr. pen comes with replacement needle cartriges (25 pcs of needle-cartriges in one box). Packing with sealed medical bag.

1.Derma pen features
Adjustableneedle length: From 0.25mm to 3.0mm
Needle number: 52 PCS
Interchangeable head

2.Derma pen function
A.Automatic high speed roll,producing twelve/nine delivery channels.
B.Various micro-needle mode to stimulate skin:
C.Strengthen skin to absorb beauty production, the absorbency of skin can bereach above 40 times, and improve acne scar more than 50%.
D.The skin will be luster and elasticity, differ from laser or chemicalsubstances, it is non invasive, can improve skin and enhances absorption.
E.The micro-needle of depth can be adjusted(0.25mm-2.0mm), greatly improved thetreatment.

3.Improve efficiency:
A.Wrinkle removal/acne removal/improve scar, rejuvenation
B.For the narrow focus of the site can be treated(glabella, depth, wrinkle, scar)
C.Shrink pores
D.Treatment of stria gravidarum
F.Improve wrinkle and fine lines
J.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds

A.Countless micro transcellular routes induce wound healing results anacceleration of
Naturalcollagen induction in the dermal and basal layers.
B.Transdermal drug delivery system
C.Guide in skin nutrition, extract and functional cosmetics

5.Functions for different needle lenghth

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