portable SHR IPL machine

Main Functions


  1. Hair removal. Remove hair on armpit, arms, legs, back, breast, bikini, lips and so on.
  2. Skin rejuvenation. Shrink trichopore, remove tiny wrinkle, improve flexibility and glossy of the skin.
  3. Vascular lesions removal. Remove diseased Telangiectasis.
  4. Speckle removal. Effectively remove pigmented spot caused by endocrine.
  5. Skin lift, wrinkle removal. Remove fine lines on canthus, forehead, and sides of nose wings, tighten skin.


Machine Power:2000W 
one handpiece for skin care & Hair Removal
Handpiece Spot Size :  15* 50
handpiece works with filter
3 filteres : 480nm ,530nm and 640nm
8" touch screen

7 language option

 IPL Energy :1-50J/cm2

RF Energy :1-50J/cm2

Pulse Width : 1-20MS

Repeat Frequency: 5 shoots/second

warranty : 2 year 



Question & Answer


Q: Therapy risks? A: Uses the function of RF, energy decreased, the risks are also greatly reduced accordingly. Can fully guarantee the safe of patient. The cooling handle head can also protect skin, so patients will feel more comfortable during treatment.



Q: The advantage of hair-removing ?


A: It’s fastest, the most efficient, safest, easiest for operation and the most economical. Using to do hair remove, combining the light energy and radio-frequency, which can be worked on the role and dry hair follicle, in spite of the hair color even white hair can effectively eliminate.


Q: What is E-Light? A: It is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy (either laser or light).It can tender skin, remove freckle, remove hair and wrinkle obviously and stably. An E-Light therapy equivalent of 5-10 times of traditional photon therapy. E-Light has three main points: RF+IPL+epidermal cooling.



Q: What kinds of dermatitis can E-Light treat? How’s the effect? A: E-Light has a wide range of light therapy, almost covers all of the former ones, including: lifting, rejuvenation, hair removal, remove rough skin, tender skin, sunburn, age pigment and freckles etc. Further more, E-Light has more effective treatment on flipperty - floppery skin, especially on the neck relaxed skin.



Q: E-Light applies to which kinds of people? A: The people who want to get the following result: Improve the body shape or remove stubbornly cellulite, lift and firm skin. Especially for the ones after liposuction, to accelerate postoperative recovery, compact skin and improve skin condition.


Advantage compared to common IPL machine

1. no pain ,ipl machine have pain during the treatment

2. fast treatment than ipl machine

3. low energy but a high rate of repetition OPT system is an innovative technology for hair removal on the basis of traditional IPL system. It uses low energy but a high rate of repetition instead of using the traditional method with single, high-energy impulses