Touch Screen Q switched nd yag laser machine

Technological Advantages


1st With the 5 times continuous each second’s amount to 10000 light points to produce when

the indoor temperature reach to 30 degrees,it has obvious advantage comparing with other

similar products.

2nd With the multi-language interface (6 languages), which has been favour with overseas

and domestic customers

3rd Equiped with infrared detector, which has convenient to operate with tyro.

4th Equiped with the less than 10% light transmission rate of the Q-crystal stick, which has

purity of wavelength about 1064nm and width about 8nm only, it has significant therapeutic


comparing with other similar products.

5th The portable chassis design, equipped with artificial mechanical handle, more suitable for

beauticians carried out operating.





  • Endogenous melanin: nevus of ota(birthmark), dermis spot , age pigment ,freckle etc.
  • Exogenous melanin: large area tattoo, embroider eyebrow,Eyeliner Tattoo ,traumatic


  • etc ;(Except lawngreen and wheat color)


FAQ for Q-Swich Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


Q:Is the Laser harmless if I see it direct?

A. We have equipt the care-protective glasses for the users

Q:What is the lamp life?

A. This machine has a counter shows you the total number .Averagely,Lamp life is 300,000 shots,the lamp

can emit for more than 1,000,000 shots ,but after 300,000 shots ,you will find the intensity of light will

become weaker, removal tattoo need more times.

Q:This machine can do vascular therapy?

A. We are not suggest you use this machine to treatment vascular,as the blood containing hemoglobin,and

in the treatment process the hemoglobin absorpt the 532nm wavelength of light,if it is not spread in

time, it will form purpura.

Q: If we need to replace the water after finished the treatment every time?

A. It is no need to replace every time,unless the machine is overheated,but we need to operate it in a

short time ,we can choose to replace the half of hot water in the machine to cold water . The water inside of the machine is not consumed,it plays the role of cycle cooling. Users to replace the

water every 30 days to 45 days interval .

Q:Treatment head cleaning

A. Clean the two treatment head softly using cotton bud in case the filter glasses is contaminated by dust

or ashes.


Q:It remove all color tattoo?


The laser is with 1064nm & 532nm treatment heads. The 1064nm remove black, brown, cyan color pigment

and the 532nm removes red, bule, coffee, yellow and other color pigment.


Q:How many times needed to remove all tattoo?


It depends. Some tattoo is thin and easy to remove, some are not. It depends on the tattoo and its color.

Usually it takes about 4-6 times

Q:How to maintain machine?

  1. Change water each 15 days. If it is busy season, change water more frequently.
  2. Make laser have a rest after each treatment for about 10-15 minutes. Remember: A small rest is
  3. friendly to your laser.
  4. Stop doing treatment if the treatment gun becomes hot after a long time working.
  5. Distill or pure water only dirt from water should stem the water pipe and make water cooling not
  6. working good.
  7. Clean the handle piece after treatment (to keep good function & good result)
  8. Please turn it off when treatment is finish. It is a machine but it needs rest.
  9. Be careful! It is your laser, please do not drop it down, it would get hurt .


Product Accessories


machine power 1000w
Wave length wavelength 1064nm & 532nm &1320nm 
Width of pulse 3.5-10ns
Facular diameter 1-6mm
Pulse energy 0-2000mj
Pulse rate 1-10Hz
Net weight 18kg
Voltage 220V / 110V / 12A 50Hz(60Hz)
Cooling system Wind + water


2.Medical Laser Application Range:
(1).For inner melanin:Nevus,coffee spot,age spot,skin pigmentation,Insdation spot,Toenail Fungus removal,birth marks removal
(2).For out source melanin:Tattoo on body,eye line and eyebrow line
(3).Hair removal&Skin rejuvenation.
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