Handheld ultrasonic skin scrubber
handhold hot selling ultrasonic skin scrubber




Micro-massage,Clean face,scrub skin...


1 deep clear and clean up aged horniness


2 reduce melanin to get a whiten skin


3 deep fine wrinkle and make skin young and soft


4 improve blood circulation and lymph metabolism


5 make skin immediate glow and regrow


6 accelerate the absorption of nutrition


7 digital control


8 no side effect for any type of skin


9 slick design and conveniet operation, easy and small enough to keep


10.LCD portable supersonic skin scrubber




1) Input voltage: DC15V


2) Output power: 4.5W


3) Frequency: 32 + 4KHz


4) Net weight: 14Kgs.


5) Gross weight: 16Kgs


6)PCS/CTN: 20pcs